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Arenoo is a mobile App developed by Appventures company from Zürich. It is created for football fans around the World in order to provide them with the newest scores and other details from football matches of their favorite teams. Each user can also earn points on daily basis just by logging in, playing various games, tipping and competing with other football fans.

We were contacted at the final stages of their first version of the system since they needed additional help to finish couple of backend and db problems and complete the project.

The system was built on MySQL database and Zend framework which was out of our expertize. Therefore we’ve negotiated the terms and work organization and included our associates from Open Kinetix who were working on solving these tasks.

Since Appventures was very satisfied with our communication and problem solving skills they’ve continued working with us in the process of creating new versions of Arenoo backend system. We were taking care of communication and incident handling with all developers in Serbia.