Deep Green

deepgreenDeep Green is an innovative concept of building modern buildings using old techniques combined with new technologies. Buildings growing from this concept are called Woodcubes. This name is perfect fit for a four floor building made completely out of wood.

Website that covers this concept was the first project done in cooperation between Inselpark agency from Hamburg and Profesional+. Just like for all other projects done after this one, we used WordPress as main system. Design was provided by Deep green and our task was to transfer it online.

In this procedure Profesional+ covered some specific requirements, like custom menu, archive and custom layout parts demanded by client that are not usual in WordPress system. For completing these tasks we used: PHP5, HTML, CSS and Javascript with jQuery.

We are specially proud with the fact that this is the first energy saving website we did. When the website is open, but not being used, it activates black image and therefore reduces the use of energy by 20%.