fuhrmannFuhrmann Planning & Building is a renowned architecture company from Southern Germany. In past 30 years company was buying huge number of old houses and buildings, sustainably repairs them and sells them on real estate market.

After years of using their website, Fuhrmann decided to redesign it in a new modern style. After hearing good experiences of Deep green with Inselpark they decided to choose the same team for their project.

Besides the specific layout and various element printing in website pages, Profesional+ had one new specific task never done before. Fuhrmann team wanted a specific way of filtering images during the image upload process. We provided them a procedure in which all they have to do is upload image in WordPress backend. System then creates black and white and red filtered versions of it and creates needed thumbnails. Besides that, when some image is attached to the post or added to a gallery, system also knows which version of image to choose for hover, click or presentation.

In the process of creating this specific image filtering system and other custom parts on website we used: PHP5, HTML and CSS.