Spectrado is an electronic portal which offers extensive range of IT products, electronics, consumer electronics, photography equipment and accessories. Years of sales experience and technical competence behind it make Spectrado a comprehensive service.

We were approached by Spectrado team with idea to make specialized e-commerce website for selling just electronic goods of various kinds. The solution we’ve chosen is Magento as top e-commecre solution with ready made theme and couple of modules for invoices and communication with clients.

Spectrado founder, however, has over 20 years of experience in sales and he wanted to transfer his sales tactics to online business. One of these was offering part of the products on Amazon and Google shopping. Our suggestion was to build custom Magento module for each of these portals that will do exactly that: export products by chosen filters and create appropriate import file.

Besides that, Spectrado has a huge list of products updated weekly, which means that it’s not efficient to create all of them by hand. So our suggestion was another custom module for product import.

Our internal developing experience however wasn’t enough to complete the task so we’ve included developers from our network of associates and managed to fulfill all of our clients wishes. Website is up and running and they continued creating new ideas ready for us to make them real.

To check out the final product click here.