Studio Musolff

musolffStudio Musolff was founded in 1997 in Grindel district of Hamburg. This is a place where directors and writers find the best shape for their story. Whether is it editing and image editing, sound mixing, voice recording, film music composition or sound design, Musolff studio has a character that blends everything together.

Musolff team wanted their website to be simple, just like it is simple to work with them. The idea was to present their work, services, equipment and how the potential clients can find them.

After Inselpark came up with the layout that is 100% perfect, there was a part presenting studios past work. The portfolio was a specific timeline which should give basic information about the project and an audio sample. And all of this should be presented by year and month.

This is the part where Profesional+ stepped in the most and created the procedure of using usual post structure in WordPress with custom fields so the client can easily add all of the information about the project. Besides that we created complete custom structure for timeline presentation and loading of the projects which was then beautifully styled by Inselpark.

For the timeline as well as for other custom parts we used: PHP5, HTML, CSS and Javascript