The Hill Tribe


The Hill Tribe is a loose set-up of coaches, trainers, facilitators and copywriters who share a passion for individual, organizational and even societal development. The company was founded 10 years ago by James Leavold, expert in this field, with an idea to help people to become more resourceful and proactive in their jobs and lives.

He, of course, recognized that being present online is very important thing in modern business and created simple and straight forward layout for his website, which gives to his visitor exactly what’s needed, information in one or two clicks.

James approached to us with the wish to transfer his HTML website to WordPress system. We followed his minimalistic approach and created the WordPress theme, added couple of plugins to support it, such as contact plugin and slider on front page.

Besides this we made a few changes to follow the general SEO rules and provided a list of advices on how they should act further in order to get bigger audience online.