What we do

“Profesional+” was from the beginning an accounting agency. Over the years our clients recognized us as a reliable partner, who is taking care of their bookkeeping, but is also there to give the best possible financial advice for their next move in business.

Our working philosophy is to have a smaller base of clients, but to reserve for each of them as much time as needed to provide the highest quality solution. This approach gave great results in the shape of very high percentage of satisfied clients.

In 2011. we decided to use this tested approach for our new set of IT services we offer. From that moment on, our successful working philosophy is also covering:

  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development
  • System administration
  • Business development

The combination of our work approach with previous experience and the network of associates we have, gave us strong mixture of knowledge and commitment needed for converting your ideas into job successfully done.

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