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Prevoznik is an internal project of Profesional+. Idea of the project is to create an online portal specialized for various kinds of transport companies. From one side to provide a unique place where transport companies from smallest to the biggest ones can present themselves online and from the other side to make this information organized well so visitors can find easily what they need.

Whole project was built on WordPress CMS, using it’s blog structure with categories and posts. Besides this basic system we are using custom fields plugin and additional plugin for searching the website that extends basic WordPress search to cover custom fields.

Besides these we developed custom layout parts in both categories and single company profile layouts using: PHP5, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

After first year of functioning independently we’ve created cooperation with, which is the biggest website in Serbia for vehicle registration, vehicle insurance and technical checking. Prevoznik is now a part of this website network with technical support from Profesional+.