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The Growth of Technology

Growth of technology has had a positive impact on human life however come with the risk of cyber attacks as well as ‘digital disruption’ (think Amazon, Google). For instance the number of cyber attacks on cyber secure organizations have risen from 2010-2012 from approximately 35,000 to 110,000. This means that the cost of storing all the information in the internet world has gone up significantly. The amount of money necessary to secure network perimeter has risen to such a degree that data storage at the center of communications have become a very expensive undertaking. And that is only the tip of the iceberg when you are discussing how many cyber attacks are still going on. As a reminder, the biggest cyber attack to date, named “Olympic Games’ Worm” broke into five different countries and compromised more than 6 Million accounts.

Currently with the ever evolving technology there are still people who want to learn how to defend themselves and our online transactions. At the second level in cyber security is the knowledge of hacking. We will go over some simple and easy methods of hacking while in the future we will be seeing more advanced and complex methods. All of these hacking methods require basic knowledge of hacking to understand and execute successfully. But despite hacking being one of the most common reasons for cyber attacks we need to keep in mind that while it is extremely easy to get a hold of data from computers and network that just because you have physical access to the box you don’t have the right to exploit it. Hackers are using various hacks that allows them to bypass several of your online security. For instance the tools known as “XOR” hack, “RFID” hack or “Fingerprint” hack can be used to bypass all your online security by stealing your password.

Gaining access to personal computers and network are common methods of cyber attacks and it is even becoming a reality for some organizations such as U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). For now researchers are still studying the security factors in these systems as well as learning more about their weaknesses and weaknesses that hackers can exploit.

Data and information is often kept at many different places so it is imperative for computer users to be aware of the technologies they use to store and transfer their data, it is also important for them to take security measures like using a SD-WAN to protect themselves. Hackers use these vulnerabilities to gain entry into your computer system. However, hackers also use common tricks to access your data or worse yet to gain access to your bank account or your personal information.